Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What have I been up to?

I posted this as a reply to a comment on my last post before closing Scarlet Thread, then decided that it would make a good update on the status of "It's a Stitchy Thing" and what I've been doing with myself.

First, I miss the give and take I had with all of Scarlet Thread's customers. Sigh.

On to the update.

I've been reflecting, mulling over my options, trying to discern my next pathway. I'll be back to blogging in the very near future. One of the things I've been contemplating is how to handle Jeff Kulick's designs (consulting with Jeff himself). I've had orders that need to be filled, and just how I'm going to do that ongoing is the sticking point.

I plan to feature what's new in the counted/charted needlepoint world and have in my hot little hands Kurdy Biggs's newest, "Pangea," which is quite lovely. I've collected the threads for the colorways and even made up my own. (That would make this design my very first Threedles project!) So look for that very soon.

I hope that I can convince designers to send me information on their new designs so that I can pass that news along to you with as many pictures as possible of all the pretties you need to create them yourself.

I'm thinking of merging my "Confessions of a Remedial Stitcher" blog with this one, so it will also be a report on my progress (sometimes lack of progress) on the assorted WIPs and UFOs I've accumulated while being a shopowner. I hope to finish several projects this year that have been languishing. And of course, I've signed up for two cyber classes, one of which I'm already behind on ("Mystique" beckons me from across the room). Hahahaha.

So it appears that I'll be very busy, doesn't it? Who has time for work with all that on my plate? Which means retirement from the treadmill of a daily job. I won't miss the pressures that always seem to go along with that. Since I've worked from home for most of my life, that just means that the computer is no longer the office but back to being a window on the world and a source of entertainment and learning. I may even finally get around to designing some needlework again. Wait, now I've added something else to my list of things I want to do. Yes, I'll be very busy, won't I.

All good, I believe. And to close, I just have to say:



  1. So good to hear you will be able to fill your retirement hours..Lol....
    Happy stitching, Carol from Australia

  2. Hurray! We want you to still be in touch! Look forward to all your new doings!

  3. I look forward to hearing more from you, especially about Jeff's and Kudy's designs.

  4. Glad your not 'Bored'. Thanks for posting Kurdy's 'Pangea'... love the Autumn Colors. Please keep us informed about Jeff Kulick. I have his Log Cabin and would like to get Floating Island.


  5. Glad your not 'Bored' ... lol.
    Thank you for posting Kurdy's 'Pangea'.. love the Autumn colors! Please keep us informed bout Jeff Kulick. I have his LOG Cabin and I'm really interested in his Floating Circle.


  6. My ANG chapter is interested in stitching Jeff's "Log Cabin Deconstructed" in early 2014. Hope you can find a way to bring his designs back on the market.


  7. Please email me at customerservice@scarletthread.com, including the quantity of chartpacks you will need and when. Thanks!