Saturday, October 27, 2012

Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin

Yesterday, I said we'd have something new from Jeff Kulick. He always enters several pieces in the Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition, and this year he was no slouch. Three of the pieces he entered were original designs, and they all three came home with ribbons! We'll be bringing them all to you over the next few months. Today, I present the first, winner of a First Prize ribbon at the 49th Annual Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition: "Deconstructed Log Cabin."

Not what you expected when you saw the words "log cabin," right? Here's what Jeff has to say about it: "I have been attracted to the many possibilities of the Log Cabin quilt pattern, but I also am attracted to asymmetrical arrangements. The challenge of this piece was to use the Log Cabin idea but break it apart and use only parts of it."

Jeff also stitched it in another colorway that really pops:

This one is called "Hot," which I find very apt. Love those vivid yellows and reds. I think of the Green colorway as the cool, serene one. Hot's his flashy, flamboyant sister.

Take a look at the threads you get to use when you stitch one of these (or both!):

The Green kit has all these lovely Caron Collection Watercolours in six shades of green, along with some neutrals, Vineyard Silk Classic in a dark green, Snow in white, and a couple of shades of Rainbow Gallery Silk Lamé Braid with a piece of Santa Fe Sage canvas.

The Hot kit, my personal favorite, has Watercolours in three shades each of yellow and red along with some neutrals, Vineyard Silk Classic in a rich, dark red, and three shades of Rainbow Gallery Silk Lamé Braid with a piece of white canvas.

So what are you waiting for? Quick! Go check these out. And while you're at it, see what else is new in the shop.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Goodness! It's been ages since we've posted. We've been so busy putting kits together, getting in new items, restocking, and just running around like crazy. We're really delighted to bring you something brand new for your Halloween stitching pleasure. Just a little something to work on in between trips to the door for all the trick-or-treaters.

Is this not delightful? Laura Perin's latest design is this clever Harvest Moon House. It's the perfect autumn project. And Halloween is a great time to get started. We've got it kitted up in the glorious ThreadworX Overdyed Floss and Rainbow Gallery Splendor that Laura used to stitch the model. Beautiful colors!

So that's your Halloween treat! Tune in tomorrow for another new release from Jeff Kulick.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You Asked, So We've Got Your Color!

Just A Few Stitches Among Friends have created quite a ruckus! We've sold out all the copies of the patterns that we had and are working on getting more in. In the meantime, I pulled threads (most but not all) for each of the eight colorways last Friday. Feast your eyes and try to decide on just one!

Color 1, Witches' Familiar

Color 2, Topiary

Color 3, Fiesta (what's shown in this picture is Fiesta Light; it was a guess; now I know)

Color 4, Blue Grass

Color 5, Williamsburg

Color 6, Mermaid Shoes

Color 7, Autumn Bouquet

Color 8, Forest Fire