Monday, February 13, 2012

Dazzling Ace of Diamonds!

We just received the latest design from the prolific Laura J. Perin, "Ace of Diamonds." What a delightful study in blue and purple!

Laura's using three Caron Collections Watercolours along with a couple of DMC #5 perle cotons and YLI Ribbon Flosses to create this lovely, portable design. It works up into a 9.75" x 9.75" piece on 18-ct mono canvas. Laura recommends French Blue but also says that you can use Pewter just as well. We're kitting it up with whichever happens to be in stock when we receive your order, as the French Blue is hard to find right now. (We do have enough on hand for several kits, but it won't last.)

Although Laura hasn't provided other colorways, she did include some guidelines for selecting your own. If you'd like to do it in your preferred color palette, just e-mail Sara Leigh with the number of your favorite Watercolour, and she'll do her magic where possible. (Not all of the Watercolours colors lend themselves to this limited palette.)

We anticipate some beautiful colorways being developed for this piece.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Debbie Rowley's Rollicking Rhodes Study!

Just in from the Phoenix TNNA show in January, "Bump in the Rhodes" is a beautiful study of the Rhodes stitch that is perfect for beginners as well as a fun stitch for more advanced stitchers.

Done in lovely shades of purple, mauve, and brown with a shot of berry juice, this design take a fresh look at the Rhodes stitch and what you can do with it. Debbie Rowley admits to breaking a few "rules" with this one, but honestly, aren't they really guidelines anyway. She's incorporated squares, rectangles, rounds, diamonds, hearts, and butterflies in the design to create a dynamic and stunning piece.

"Bump in the Rhodes" works up into a 9" x 9" design, using Sullivan's cotton floss and #5 perle on 18-ct mono canvas. Is there someone you'd like to introduce to charted needlepoint? This is the perfect piece: not too big, focused, and economical. And it makes a great project to have on hand when we more experienced stitchers need a break from those big, multi-layered designs we all seem to have in rotation.

This is the second in Debbie Rowley's single-stitch designs. You may remember "Rice Pudding," which came out in late summer/early fall.

But that's not all Debbie's been working on. She's added a new set of ornaments to her collection with her "Elegant Christmas Ornaments."

She's included four different designs in two sizes: 4" and 6". They're stitched on 18-ct white mono canvas with just a few threads. We're providing two pieces of canvas for each size so you can complete all four ornaments. And admit it, you know you've already started thinking about what to stitch for Christmas this year, what to do for those ornament exchanges, something fresh and new. Here's your answer! I have it on good authority that there are stitchers out there who work on ornaments year-round, they love them so much.

Let us know if you'd like to see any of our kits in different colorways. Both of these new kits lend themselves to customizing.