Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You Asked, So We've Got Your Color!

Just A Few Stitches Among Friends have created quite a ruckus! We've sold out all the copies of the patterns that we had and are working on getting more in. In the meantime, I pulled threads (most but not all) for each of the eight colorways last Friday. Feast your eyes and try to decide on just one!

Color 1, Witches' Familiar

Color 2, Topiary

Color 3, Fiesta (what's shown in this picture is Fiesta Light; it was a guess; now I know)

Color 4, Blue Grass

Color 5, Williamsburg

Color 6, Mermaid Shoes

Color 7, Autumn Bouquet

Color 8, Forest Fire


  1. What would the price be for topiary colorway?

    Rebecca Lake