Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Amazing Collaboration Among Friends

Here's a late addition to our haul from the TNNA Baltimore market a few weeks ago. We were excited to come upon a couple of complementary designs created by a needlepoint supergroup: Suzanne Howren, Anthony Minieri, Beth Robertson, and Meredith Willett. Does it get any better than this?

They tell how they came up with these two charted needlepoint designs in a very entertaining story on the first page of the pattern. The gist of it is, they created 24 layered stitch patterns round-robin style, with each designer adding on to each other's base stitches. Then they put them together in two crazy-quilt canvaswork pieces that turned into remarkable stitch samplers. Just look!

This is Creek Music.

And this is St. Leonard's Dance.

Both designs include eight colorways based on an overdyed silk floss: Silk N' Colors, Gloriana Silk, or Waterlilies. The other threads include Bella Lusso, Felicity's Garden, Needlepoint Inc. Silk, Planet Earth Stranded, Silk Lamé Braid, Silk Lamé Braid Petite, Splendor, Treasure Braid, and Vineyard Silk (Impressions if you're doing it on Congress Cloth). They embellished it with either Mill Hill Magnifica Beads or Sundance Size 14 beads.

When done on 18-ct canvas, the design size is 14" x 14". On 24-ct Congress Cloth, it's 11.5" x 11.5". They've included a design outline to be enlarged and transferred to your cloth.

So what are you waiting for? Check them out by clicking on the links above!


  1. Deep sigh! So pretty! And if I know those four, so devilish to stitch!

  2. Can't order from you sight as there are no available. Will you be getting more soon?

    Rebecca in IA

  3. We are working on that right now! I hope to have an answer today.