Friday, July 20, 2012

A Galaxy of Stars to Stitch

Have you seen the new issue of Needlepoint Now? If you haven't, you must get your hands on a copy right away! Once again, it's packed with exciting projects for your stitching pleasure. One in particular caught our attention, Michael Boren and Carole Lake's StitchPlay Designs "St. Margaret's Star."

I recently had the opportunity to stitch this piece in preparation for leading it as the program for my local chapter of ANG and chose my own colors, which you see here. I just loved the variety of stitches and threads. There's so much texture and dimension!

The original colorways that Michael and Carole provided (five of them!) are beautiful too, so here at Scarlet Thread, we've decided to make up thread and canvas kits for all of them as well as my Deep Purple.


Sara Leigh's Deep Purple

Aren't these scrumptious?! Check them out in the shop.

While you're there, you might want to take a look at the Sudberry Betsy Box that I used to finish this piece. It was very easy to do, and St. Margaret's Star fits perfectly into this size. We just sold the last one at this price. When we restock, it will revert to its regular retail cost of $50, which is still a good value for a good-quality box.

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