Sunday, June 3, 2012

Something Soothing and Shimmering

This week heralds the arrival of another new charted needlepoint design from the creative mind of Laura Perin.

Ebb Tide is a beautiful, richly textured piece in a cool, watery palette based on Caron Collections' Shenandoah Watercolours. Just look at the lovely aquas and greens with a touch of gold.

This kit includes the chart with Swarovski beads, the canvas, and all the threads you'll need to complete the piece. Stop in and check out the Ebb Tide Kit; we think you're going to love it!

While you're over at Scarlet Thread, be sure to look at our new ANG Stitch of the Month section. Now that this year's edition of ANG's annual mystery is well under way, we've broken down the kits and are offering the individual components for those of you who may have gathered most of the materials but are missing those one or two hard-to-find pieces. The heart beads have been difficult to find, and we have quite a few left. Even if you've already got everything, or maybe you're not planning to stitch this piece, check out the different threads in reds, blues, purples, and green.

Sara Leigh's going to be back soon with her take on the 2012 Stitch of the Month, so stay tuned.

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