Monday, December 12, 2011

It's Sale Time!

Here at Scarlet Thread, we've been sifting through the inventory, trying to make room for all the new things that keep arriving. So we've decided it's time to make room! Check out what's On Sale in the Catalog. We've got charts, kits, tools, and accessories, all at 25% or 30% off their original prices. We have scissors, lights, and ornament patterns, to name just a few things. Browse around and see what you can find.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fun Holiday Stitching and More!

Things certainly have been jumping here at Scarlet Thread the last couple of weeks. First, the new arrivals.

Laura J. Perin has released the second in her Holiday Ornaments series, and it looks like it will be just as much fun and quick to stitch these as the first ones.

Once again, she's offered three colorways: the traditional Christmas red and green, a more muted red and green, and a blue and gold for Hannukah. Laura showed how she's finished the ornaments from the first set in her blog, Two-Handed Stitcher. If you missed the first set of ornaments, released last year, check it out here.

We also just got in a recent pattern from Lois Caron, of the Caron Collection, Stained Glass.

Isn't this gorgeous! The purples, blues, and soft yellow are so mellow; and the center, textured, white-on-white section can be stitched as specified in a solid white or with a subtly variegated white or complementary variegated pale blue or lavender to add more interest.

Scarlet Thread is also pleased to be able to add another colorway for the upcoming ANG 2012 Stitch of the Month! Jo Ann Jackson created a lovely blue set and is letting us offer it to you as another option.

We have a limited number of thread, bead, and canvas kits available in this colorway, so click on over to the ANG 2012 SOTM Blue colorway to preorder it now.

Meanwhile, it's been like Christmas as all the threads, beads, and canvas arrive for the red colorway. The response has been tremendous, so we've had to increase our orders a couple of times. We hope to be able to ship sometime next week, since we're waiting for just one thread to come in.

I think that covers everything for now.

No, one more thing. The host of the Scarlet Thread site will be doing maintenance at around midnight (DST) tonight, so you won't be able to place orders for a few hours. So don't worry if you can't place your order. Just come back tomorrow morning, or better yet, do it today before midnight!