Saturday, October 22, 2011

From Molehill to Mountain Cyberclass Registration

We recently conducted a poll on this blog, asking whether our readers would be interested in a cyberclass for Pamela Gardner's "From Molehill to Mountain" (FMTM). Based on the results, we're pleased to announce that registration is now open. This class is great for an intermediate to advanced stitcher, but an advanced beginner would enjoy the challenges it presents.

FMTM is, according to the subtitle of the book, a study in stitch variation, but it's also a color study, both explored through the process of creating a needlepoint quilt design. Throughout your journey, you will be making decisions on how to implement your personal colorway in the stitching. You'll get to play with a variety of thread types within the parameters of the color option you choose.

Each quilt block creates a "fabric" square using seven to eight variations of a single, different stitch family. There are three patterns to choose from for the sashing between the blocks and three for the border. Two layouts are provided, based on the type of color study you choose, but you can also create your own layout.

There are three color options to choose from: (1) color study, (2) overdyed thread, and (3) color study with monochromatic overdyed thread. It can be done in primarily cotton floss or silk floss with accents of different textured threads, e.g., rayon, metallic, and wool, to name a few possibilities.

You can stitch your quilt on either 24-ct Congress Cloth (13" x 9.5" design on an 18" x 15" piece) or 18-ct mono canvas (17.3" x 12.7" design on a 22" x 18" piece). You'll want to decide on the color of your ground fabric after you've developed your colorway.

So let's get down to the nitty-gritty details.

Registration starts now and goes through November 15.

Books will be mailed in mid-January.

Class begins February 6, with the first e-mail lesson; subsequent lessons will be e-mailed on the first Monday of the following 7 months, for a total of 8 classes. The last lesson would be sent in September.

A Yahoo group will be set up to facilitate discussion. All lessons will be posted on it as well as photos. Pam will be available there for questions and discussions.

Cost: $89.00, which includes the book, U.S. Priority Mail postage domestically, online lessons and instructions, and Scarlet Thread's administrative fee. There is no kit included, as everyone will be developing their own colorway for the first lesson. (Scarlet Thread is happy to help you gather the materials for your colorway if you do not have a local needlework shop.) Virginia residents will be assessed the Virginia Sales Tax. Shipping for international addresses is additional.

If you already have the book, the fee is $30.00.

To register, please click one of the following links:
If you have any questions, please contact us at