Monday, September 26, 2011

A Gem from Down Under

Carol Young's back with a new design from Australia, Nile Jewels. We think it's a real beauty! And with a design size of 6.5" x 6.5", it's another nice portable project that you can take with you anywhere you think you'll have a few moments to stitch.

This colorway is based on Caron Collection's Waterlilies in Nefertiti, a favorite. We just love those purples and teals! She's offered an alternative muted colorway that has a totally different feel.

You could also work up a monochromatic colorway for this that would evoke another feeling. The possibilities are endless.

Originally conceived and taught as a three-square class piece, the intention was that the students would add the other two squares at home. The master chart shows the three squares taught in class; the layout gets revised for the five-square design. Carol explains everything in clear, detailed instructions with nice, large stitch diagrams.

Carol has reduced the price of her earlier design, Twisted Threads, so check it out while you're over at Scarlet Thread.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tis the Season, and Other News

Scarlet Thread is gearing up for the holiday season. Yes, we know it's not quite October, but if you're stitching things for Christmas, it's not too early.

This just in from Northern Pine Designs: Jolly Santa.

How cute is that! He's a delightful mix of stitches in seasonal greens and reds. Don't you love his beard?

Shopping for someone else and just can't decide what they might want? We now have Gift Certificates available in denominations of $25, $50, $75, and $100. We'll send it to you as a pdf that can be forwarded to the recipient. Each Gift Certificate has a one-time-use code, so the entire amount must be applied to one order.

We also just got Kathy Rees's newest designs in her Color Delights series: Midnight and Silver. Look at the rich colors and textures she's produced for these.

Be sure to check out all the New items we've got in stock. You never know what you might have missed the last time you visited.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Puzzling and Amazing

We're very excited here at Ruth Schmuff is offering some counted canvas interpretations of painted canvases by Ada Haydon that are truly marvelous. Susan Alanson selected the stitches that bring texture and life to these colorful designs.

Up first, the "puzzling" part of this post, is Alpine Puzzle, a tantalizing mix of purples, blues, and greens with a touch of black.

I love the bright spots of the Thread Gatherer Silk 'N' Colors chartreuse silk floss. Check out all the threads:


Next up, the "amazing" bit, is Orchid Maze, a blast of pinks, oranges, and greens with a touch of brown.

Again, the bright green jumps out at you, this time in Rainbow Gallery Splendor, Needlepoint Inc. silk, and Kreinik.

We've got a limited quantity to start out with, but we expect to keep these kits in inventory. We're shipping now!

Stop by and check out all the new stuff we've been adding over the last few weeks. And don't forget the Tools and Accessories. You never know what you might find there.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Laura's Lahaina Breezes, Stunning! UPDATE

It's another beautiful geometric charted canvaswork design from Laura J. Perin. Her latest creation, Lahaina Breezes, was inspired by a batik cotton print, and what an inspiration! The colors are a divine blend of aquas, teals, and blues.

We're offering this as both the chart and the kit. We are in the process of collecting all the threads and should have them in a few days.

While you're over there at, check out a new pattern we're carrying, From Molehill to Mountain. It's not really new, just new to our site, and it's more than just a pattern: It's a 157-page book packed with instructions and diagrams for this intensive color study.

We're doing it as a year-long project in our local chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild, which has prompted us to talk to Pam Gardner, the designer of this fascinating piece, about perhaps doing a cyber class with Scarlet Thread. You may have noticed the poll at the top of the blog. Please look at the pattern and let us know whether you would be interested in participating. If there is enough interest, we'll proceed with ironing out all the details. Check out Confessions of a Remedial Stitcher for some pictures of what our chapter members have been doing.

Don't forget to check out the New section of the Catalog. We're always adding things, most recently to Brenda Kocher Designs, DebBee's Designs, and Northern Pine Designs.