Tuesday, August 9, 2011

With Six You Get Eggroll!

Or in this case, options. Kurdy Biggs has done it again. Her latest design, "A Different View," is loaded with options for you to make the design your own.

This is a truly dynamic design. Kurdy has provided needlepoint charts for six octagons, which can be combined as you wish to create the finished project shown above. You can stitch it just as Kurdy's stitched her model, or you can mix it up with your own choice of four of the six charts. The five small squares can also be switched to suit your fancy. Of course, if you just happen to like the way Kurdy did it, there's absolutely nothing wrong with doing it her way.

She's also provided two other colorways in addition to Black (shown above). They are Golden Glow:

and Koral Kiss:

These are both stitched on hand-dyed canvas from Zweigart. Stunning!

We're offering this innovative design as both the chart and the Black kit. The other two kits will be available on demand. While you're drooling over this fabulous new design, check out the Tools and Accessories we offer.

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