Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More "Stuff" From Debbie Rowley!

Ever since Debbie Rowley designed "Hot Stuff!", she can't stop returning to it for inspiration. Her latest variation on that theme is a stunner: "Good Stuff."

This intermediate to advanced charted needlepoint piece is 14.75" x 12" on 18-ct. mono canvas, a bit larger than the others. Some of the stitches Debbie's used to create this beautiful design are Rhodes and Rhodes diamond, Scotch, double fan, Amadeus, round Amadeus, Nobuko, rice over trellis and over satin, Hungarian, criss cross Hungarian, point de tresse, herringbone leaf, 6-trip herringbone, herringbone square variation, laced double heringbone, layered cross stitch, Katie's cross, layered grand cross, floral cross, upright cross, smyrna cross, waffle, reverse waffle, Jessica, square Jessica, Maltese cross, Milanese pinwheel, Walneto, mosaic, star, plaited, 8-point star, butterfly eyelet, pyramid, sprat's head, sprat's head heart, mistake pinwheel variation, fern, and laced wheel. Phew! Debbie's usual thorough instructions make up a 115-page book with a fold-out master chart in the back.

There are four colorways provided: Turquoise/Brown (shown above), Pastel, Jewel, and Ecru/Peach. We've kitted up the Turquoise/Brown and Jewel ones, and they're real beauties.

This piece would be a great stitch-along for a group of friends to work on together.

We've also added some of those wonderful frame weights DebBee's Designs produces in conjunction with Arkansas CARES, a nonprofit prevention and treatment program for pregnant women and mothers with substance abuse and mental health problems and their children. Wholesale proceeds from this product go to a foundation to provide medical and dental co-pays for the residents and their children; current residents are providing for future residents on an ongoing basis. These frame weights are fantastic at holding the canvas stretcher bars on a table to make it easier to stitch with both hands and use a laying tool.

One last thing! Here at Scarlet Thread, we like options when it comes to organizing our threads, so we've just added thread drops to the Catalog. The drops are teardrop-shaped pieces of cardboard with a large hole to loop your thread through and a small hole to hang them on a binder ring. You can write the thread type, number, and/or color name in the space between the holes.

So swing by the Web site and browse all the new items. We're always mixing things up, and you never know what you may have missed last time you visited.

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