Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's New From Laura J. Perin Designs, You Ask?

Scarlet Thread just can't keep up with the new arrivals from Laura Perin these days. Our latest are a couple of fun, quick stitches.

First is a new entry in the American Quilt Collection, Red Hot Peppers. (This actually came out right before her Long Autumn Panel, but we got distracted by that beauty.) We now have kits available for Red Hot Peppers, in two colorways: Red and Orange. Just look!

Both colorways share the brown, yellow, and gold threads in the center. The Red colorway is pictured on the cover of the pattern. Our kit provides the chart, threads, canvas, and needles for just $47.25.

This design is suitable for a beginner, since it's all stitched in diagonal satin stitches of various lengths except for Laura's new stitch, the Long Triangle used in the hot pepper border. That means it's also a quick stitch for you experienced stitchers, making it perfect for that last-minute gift or if you need a break from all those Hilton stitches you've been doing lately.

What's the other new design? At the end of last week, we received Laura's Holiday Ornaments, Series 1. That's right, a new series of charted needlepoint ornament designs. These are small quilt blocks that measure 4.5" x 4.5" on 18-ct mono canvas.

You can finish them in a variety of ways, for example, as a set of coasters, individually in a boxtop, combined in one canvas as a square or long panel, or a pillowtop. They work up to about 3.5" x 3.5" on 24-ct congress cloth if you'd like something a little smaller and finer looking. They're truly a versatile design. Of course, you can also do them up in any colors you happen to like, changing them to fit the season or your mood.

And as 2010 draws to a close, Scarlet Thread would like to wish everyone happy holidays and a prosperous New Year!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gift Idea #4: Jean Hilton's Crown of Hearts

This may be the last in our series of gift ideas as the clock ticks away the days left until Christmas. I'm trying not to think of how many are left myself. So I thought what would be better than to wind up with a real winner that was recently the talk of the needlework discussion groups.

Jean Hilton created Crown of Hearts, a lovely charted needlepoint design, for Rainbow Gallery in 1989. An Oldie but Goodie, it's still a beautiful canvaswork piece to stitch.

What a beautiful, soft palette. Our kit includes crystal beads, but you could also use a mauve or grape bead to change it up a bit. Maybe use both colors. We just like the subtlety of the crystal beads. Check out this beautiful little design in our Catalog, value priced at $23.40.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gift Idea #3: Jim Wurth's Silken Sonata

The Silken series of charted needlepoint projects that Jim Wurth designed for Rainbow Gallery a while back contains three canvaswork designs that are small and quick to stitch. We started with the kit for Silken Serenade and have now added the other two. Today we focus on Silken Sonata, a pretty little 4" x 4" design stitched on 18-ct mono canvas in Victorian Green. It's done in a gorgeous combination of coppery metallics and cream silks. Take a look:

Isn't it festive? We have it all ready to ship at $20.70, a real value, so stop by the Catalog and place your order now.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gift Idea #2: Caron Collection Tiny Treasures in a Box

Lois Caron's Tiny Treasures charted needlepoint pattern is a great source of quick gift ideas. She's provided nine designs for you to choose from, some on 18-ct canvas and others on 24-ct congress cloth. All are designed to fit into the top of Sudberry's Mini Box. Dawn and I whipped up a couple of the designs so you could see just how lovely they are!

These small canvaswork designs are also a great way to use up those threads left over from other projects. Each design requires just a few lengths of several threads. The design for the top box used one color of Caron Collection Watercolours and one color of Caron Collection Snow. You could also use Rainbow Gallery Silk Lame instead of the Snow for a slightly different effect. For the bottom box, I used five colors of Thread Gatherer Silk 'N Colors instead of Watercolours. You're limited only by your imagination and your stash.

We're offering a limited quantity of kits for that last-minute holiday or hostess gift. The Tiny Treasures Kit includes the chart, the box, and a piece of canvas for only $31.00. You supply the threads. Hurry on over to the Catalog and order yours today!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gift Idea #1: Jean Hilton's Standing Ovation Kit

When I saw the pattern for this Jean Hilton charted needlepoint piece, I thought, well, it's okay, nice stitches, but what does it really look like? Then we brought in the threads, and what a difference! This piece will make a beautiful gift, either to stitch and put into a boxtop or on a pillow for someone special or to give to a stitching friend. Just look!

Aren't those burgundy, deep rose, and pink colors beautiful! And so sparkly with all the Gold Rush 14 and 18! You just don't get the true effect from the picture on the cover of the pattern. Our Standing Ovation Kit is a great value at $27.90, so click on over to the Catalog and check it out!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday and Hostess Gift Ideas!

Just a quick post, more to come later (after Sara Leigh finally gets her act together and takes some pictures).

We've got some great kits that are perfect either to give as a gift to a stitcher or to stitch as a gift. Check out the Jean Hilton section for a couple of small charted needlepoint kits and Jim Wurth's section for some newly added small canvaswork kits.

Sara Leigh will be posting a new item every day for the next week or so. There are limited quantities of some of these items, since they're subject to stock on hand or time constraints for restocking our inventory. If time gets short, we can ship overnight at cost, no extra fees attached.