Friday, May 21, 2010

Get Them While They Last

J.L. Walsh Silk and Wool is a beautiful thread that's about to become extinct! The dyer can no longer get the undyed silk and wool base fiber that she uses, so we won't be able to find it much longer. Scarlet Thread has a limited quantity of this thread. It's a 50% silk/50% wool five-strand fiber that comes in a 12-yard skein. Both Dawn and I love just touching the skeins, they're so soft and luscious.

We first used it earlier this year when we embarked on a stitch-along project with seven other women, Tony Manieri's "Stars for a New Millenium." It wasn't until I pulled a length from the skein that I appreciated its subtle variegation, the effect of the hand-dying process. Some colors are more variegated, some less. Mine was very subtle. I'm not sure these pictures do it justice:

You can see how it looks when stitched in this square from Stars, Marilyn Monroe:

In the center cross, it's the underlying medium orange. In the trellis border, it's the underlying cross stitches. If you click on the image, you should be able to see a larger version.

Check out the colors we've been able to get and see what you might want to add to your stash. This wonderful fiber may be just what you need for your next canvaswork project or painted canvas.

Sara Leigh

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Arrivals

We just added a couple new items to our catalog that we're very excited about.

First, we've kitted up DebBee's Designs' Glitz & Glamour Morganite, which looks particularly stunning in shades of lavender, violet, lilac, and pink. Sara Leigh is seriously considering stitching the model for our gallery. What's nice about these Glitz & Glamour pieces is their compact size, 5.75" x 5.75" on 18-ct canvas. That means they stitch up quickly. And they can be placed in a boxtop to make a lovely gift for someone special. Take a look. We think you'll agree this is irresistible.

Laura J. Perin's new pattern, Bargello and Violets, is her latest addition to the Sampler Collection. It's a striking piece in the purples of the model stitched on 18-ct mono canvas in Santa Fe Sage, based on the Caron Collection Watercolours #259, Garden Path. She selected several DMC #5 pearl cottons and Rainbow Gallery Splendor silks that coordinate with the Watercolours and added accents with DMC #12 pearl cotton, YLI Ribbon Floss, and gold translucent beads (which come with the pattern). Laura also provided alternative colorways based on Watercolours #058 Mocha Rose (pinks) and #197 Monsoon (blues).

Dawn's been busy adding more fibers to our catalog, and there are still more to come. Sara Leigh is working on adding the pictures to go along with the numbers and names so that you can also browse for that special color to add to your stash.

Since we launched the site on May 1, we've spent a lot of time tweaking things that weren't working quite the way we wanted, especially a problem with one particular version of a very popular browser. As with most things, it's a work in progress. Watch for more improvements over the next several months.