Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gift Idea #4: Jean Hilton's Crown of Hearts

This may be the last in our series of gift ideas as the clock ticks away the days left until Christmas. I'm trying not to think of how many are left myself. So I thought what would be better than to wind up with a real winner that was recently the talk of the needlework discussion groups.

Jean Hilton created Crown of Hearts, a lovely charted needlepoint design, for Rainbow Gallery in 1989. An Oldie but Goodie, it's still a beautiful canvaswork piece to stitch.

What a beautiful, soft palette. Our kit includes crystal beads, but you could also use a mauve or grape bead to change it up a bit. Maybe use both colors. We just like the subtlety of the crystal beads. Check out this beautiful little design in our Catalog, value priced at $23.40.

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