Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jean Hilton in the Gallery

Have you checked out our gallery lately? We're beginning to populate it, starting with three examples of Jean Hilton's "Turnberry Ridge." This charted canvaswork piece is her beginning needlepoint project, which comes in the form of a 99-page coil-bound book containing 35 pages of additional charts beyond those needed for the design. It's a wonderful resource. Although it wasn't my first charted needlepoint project (my first couple of classes were a bit too advanced, thus never finished; but I did complete a simple design by Something Different, "Lois"), my skills when I started it were minimal at best. It's a testament to just how good this book is that I won a second-place ribbon for my finished piece in the 2010 Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition! You can see it in the Gallery, along with two other versions, one of which is this stunning red interpretation by Jeff K.:

Check out the other new additions to the Jean Hilton section of our Catalog, "Baroque" and "Lansing." We'll be adding more stitched models of these patterns to the Gallery soon.

We've also added another design in Northern Pine Designs' Elements Series, "Heart of Fire":

Dawn and I will be headed to the NeedleArts Market in Columbus at the end of the week, so check in on the weekend to see what exciting things we've found.

Sara Leigh

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